I familiar face from Haunted Mansion working on another familiar face


I familiar face from Haunted Mansion working on another familiar face

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After Disney World’s 20,000 Leagues submarine ride closed, the bigger figures and set pieces were left to sit underwater for 10 years before the lagoon was finally drained to remove the ride.

Someone on staff snapped these eerie photos of the mostly-drained attraction before crews set to work taking everything apart.


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Goofy at Disney’s River Country (1979)


Goofy at Disney’s River Country (1979)

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First look inside the actual dark ride portion of the ride, looks ready to open any day now. 

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Some of what was happening in 1966 at Disneyland. Fireworks, the Firehouse Five + 2, the plans for New Orleans Square and Pirates of the Caribbean. These were taken from the Summer 1966 Disney News. Via Vintage Disneyland Tickets. More vintage Disney.

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Chris Mueller was the sculptor for the majority of the animals used in the attraction. It appears he is attaching a wiggling ear for the attacking hippo.

Final shot of hippos under construction is this shot of a still wet clay being hand sculpted. In the left hand side is a box containing glass with an address for Walt Disney Productions. In the back window are three boots drying out.

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As I was sketching today’s Halloween countdown, I couldn’t help but notice the disparity between Imagineering’s Hitchhiking Ghosts and the original Marc Davis sketch.  

1. Line of Action- Marc’s hitchhikers have a strong leftward lean, communicating the story point that they wish to travel, with the viewer, in that direction. These hitchhikers are energetic and engaging to the viewer. Imagineering’s hitchhikers, however, are stagnant and inert. They don’t seem particularly eager to be picked up.

2. Shape- Marc’s hitchhikers are three simple graphic shapes, which make them appealing and iconic. Their bottom-heavy designs lend a sense of weight, with their heads tapering to a point like arrows pointing down the road toward their intended destination (again, motivation). Imagineering’s hitchhikers lack any real character design or caricature beyond basic human anatomy. Nothing about their shape is helping to tell the story.

3. Silhouette- any viewer can tell, even at a distance, that Marc’s ghosts are hitchhikers. The thumbs are clear to read, and each ghost is looking the viewer square in the eye, imploring for a ride. Even the prisoner ghost’s ball-and-chain are neatly framed within his silhouette for a clear read. Imagineering’s ghosts are a mess; there is no particular eye-direction, the thumbs are lost within their silhouette, and props aren’t handled with any special significance (the middle hitchhiker’s hat isn’t even coming directly off the top of his head).

When you’re designing for screen or stage, keep the story and the viewer in mind. Think in terms of simple, graphic shapes, and always consider the characters’ motivations.

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Shots of the Jungle Cruise with the water removed from the attraction. I did a little color correction to bring up the shadows

To see more pictures and read an amazing article about the construction, check out the post at Passport to Dreams Old and New.

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Haunted Mansion Ballroom Dancers Appreciation Post - Haunted Mansion, Disneyland, CA. Note the intense colors of the ghost couples’ clothing. All used to enhance the Pepper’s Ghost effect. I have posted a link to a simple little Youtube video that explains it quite well.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ballroom - How it’s Done

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Horizons at EPCOT Center —> Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde, the most advanced desert reclamation complex in the western hemisphere, invites you to explore its wide range of career possibilities. Mag-LEV express service to Mesa Verde leaves every thirty minutes.

(Image credits: 1 / 2 / 3)

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